An Appreciation to the poem,''MIDDLE AGE''

The Neglected Motherhood

The elegant poem written by the renowned Indian poetess, Kamala Das, speaks of the dismal state of a mother whose love is rejected by her son. She vividly depicts the loneliness and avoidness of the middle aged people. The poetess, develops the poem and picturizes the hard life of middle aged people through the hurted heart of a poor mother whose full fledged intimacy and motherhood are neglected by her son.

In the middle age, the children became critical and unfriendly by using harsh words towards their parents. Here, the mother is very anxious and alert about her son. But being in a self-thrilled fantasy world,the son finds no importance of his mother, unless for serving hot teas and pressing clothes regularly. The same time, the mother wants her child to be beside her in each moment as the life turned her more dependable towards the son. As the time, the son becomes an individual with a self sustaining personality, he starts breaking the affectionate hearts. The mother cannot scold and hug the son freely, instead she herself wraps all her pain within her and weeps secretly by touching the trifiles of the son. The adult ego makes him hating all the amusing plays and funs once made by the mother to enjoy the child. As he grows, he views them all with a deep aversion and a hatred heart. And also the son makes her remember that the time has come all its way to wind up the mother's useless dreams and expectations.

The short and excruciating poem of Kamala Das touched my heart so deeply. As I go through the lines, I could easily feel the doldrums of the middle age. To a woman, motherhood is a part of her feminine self that yearns for love and its fulfilment.But the harsh realities of the adolescent stage splashes it without any hesitation. The poem has a remarkable role in the modern society. The time, I finished reading, I could hear the cry of a poor hurted heart of a mother.


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